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Personal Injury

                           Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

The personal injury lawyers at the Offices of Melody Y. Cherry, P.C. regularly take on the big insurance companies and the big insurance companies and represent injured accident victims during settlement negotiations and at jury trials.

Attorney Cherry experience can aggressively advocate for you at the negotiation table or in the courtroom to help you achieve the settlement or jury verdict you deserve.

When someone acts in a reckless or careless manner and causes injury to another person, they can legally be on the line for damages. Insurance companies and their lawyers who regularly represent these individuals are not in the business of compensating you for your injuries. Instead, they will do everything they can to try and “poke holes” in your case and reduce its value.

If you are struggling with a personal injury in an accident caused by someone else, the difference between success and failure for your legal, financial and medical goals can be the experience, reputation for results and service offered by your attorney.

You can count on our accomplished, versatile legal team to use their decades of combined experience and respected, responsive representation to offer your best chance of success when a negligent motorist, employer, doctor or product manufacturer has caused an accident that injured you or claimed the life of a loved one.

The Law Offices of Melody Y. Cherry, P.C listen carefully as you describe your accident on a highway, on the job, in your home or in a hospital. We investigate thoroughly, negotiate skillfully with insurers and, if necessary, are fully prepared to aggressively protect your rights in a court of law.

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